Is Lampe Berger Safe For Pets?

Homes with pets are sometimes a little pongy and we owners often become acclimatized to the point where we can’t smell the smells anymore! You can bet our visitors notice them though and unless they are very honest they often don’t mention it! How can we safely keep the unsavory scents that go hand-in-hand with pet ownership at bay? How about using Lampe Berger?

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

I’ve been a fan of Lampe Berger fragrances for 20 years but before I used any in my home I had to know, “Is Lampe Berger safe for pets?”

As Lamp Berger fragrances contain diluted essential oils, they are considered safe to use around pets. If you have reservations because you’ve heard essential oils pose a danger to pets, use Lampe Berger So Neutral fragrance which banishes odors yet contains no essential oils. We explain how to use Lampe Berger safely near pets.

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

The Lampe Berger System

Lampe Berger is a diffusion lamp filled with fragranced alcohol and topped with a catalytic burner. The alcohol soaks into a wick and is drawn up through the burner to diffuse a wonderful aroma into the air. It removes unsavory odors from the air better than any other method I have ever tried and leaves a lingering scent of whichever fragrance you’ve chosen.

As a user of Lampe Berger for 20 years, I thoroughly recommend it for eradicating the tell-tale odors that announce to any visitor pets reside in your home.

No odor will survive this little lamp including cat litter box smell, pet urine, feces, vomit, pet food, wet dog, not to mention any odors that might reside even if you don’t have pets.

It only takes 20 minutes to purify the air in one room and the fragrance scent lingers for the rest of the day. It doesn’t mask bad odors it literally destroys all traces of them

There are many fragrances – often referred to as fragrance oils – to choose from. Before you use any near your pets, take the time to read the following information.

Lampe Berger Fragrance vs Pet Safety

If you have pets, particularly cats, you may have read recommendations to avoid using essential oils with high salicylates or phenol content anywhere near them and any others that you do use should be well diluted.

Lampe Berger fragrances are ideal as they are well diluted by an alcohol base. I have used many different fragrances over the past 20 years and have never had a cat suffer any adverse reaction or health issues. I always place the lamp out of their reach and never burn it for much more than 20 minutes in any room.

If you are still not sure you can really dilute any Lampe Berger fragrance with a neutral base called So Neutral – there’s more about this coming up.

When a lamp is first lit, a small flame burns so obviously this should be placed well away from pets. After a couple of minutes, the flame is extinguished by gently blowing it out as you would a candle.

The catalytic burner remains hot until capped. A decorative guard is provided for safety (see the photo above) but it is still best to place a lamp where it can’t be knocked over.

For more information regarding the safety of fragrances containing essential oils when you have cats, I recommend you read Essential Oil and Cats over at (opens in a new tab).

Let’s look at a few select fragrances in more detail.

1. Lampe Berger So Neutral Fragrance

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

If you’re looking for a way to neutralize odors but don’t want the smell of a fragrance in the air, this is the ideal choice for you. As no essential oils are included in this particular refill, obviously, no essential oils are diffused whilst using. This one is perfectly safe to use near pets. You will be amazed at how efficiently So Neutral clears unwanted smells. Burn it for a maximum of half an hour in each room to remove all unsavory odors.

So Neutral is also the ideal choice for those who have fragrance sensitivities, allergies, and asthma because of its lack of essential oils.

You can also use this refill to dilute any of the other fragrances if you find the strength of their scent over-powering. You could even add a few drops of your own preferred essential oils.

2. Lampe Berger Lavender Fragrance

s Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

If you are concerned about your pet’s safety, Lavender is an essential oil that is considered safe to use around them in a diluted form. This fragrance is ideal to refresh bedrooms as it is known for its relaxing qualities. In colder weather, you will no longer have to throw your windows open and let the heat out. If you find it a bit strong for your liking, dilute it with So Neutral.

3. Lampe Berger By The Fireside Fragrance

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

By The Fireside is a calming and relaxing fragrance to diffuse on a chilly evening. It has warm undertones of orange blossom, smoky cedar, and vanilla which. Twenty minutes of diffusing is all you’ll need to banish any lingering dog farts or stale pet food.

4. Lampe Berger Cotton Caress Fragrance

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

Cotton Caress is an ideal daytime fragrance. It has floral notes of orange blossom and rose, with undertones of cedar, vanilla, and white musk. Twenty minutes of diffusing will banish the odors of a cat’s tray or a damp dog and replace them with a cotton-fresh scent.

5. Lampe Berger Fresh Eucalyptus Fragrance

Is Lampe Berger Safe for Pets?

Fresh Eucalyptus is a wonderful fragrance for those who prefer subtle scents. It’s a mix of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and mint and after 20 minutes of diffusing bad smells will be banished and the fresh hint of this fragrance will remain.

The Perfect First Lamp

If you’re new to the world of Lampe Berger, here’s a perfect first lamp to purchase. It’s a great price, simple and stylish and will blend perfectly into any home. Being clear, it enables you to see when you need to add more fragrance which is a good idea until you get used to using this type of diffuser.

Essential oils some people avoid using near cats

These essential oils are ones that some cat owners avoid using as they contain high levels of phenols which are believed to pose a particular danger to cats:

  • Basil
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Clove
  • Laurus Nobilis
  • Oregano
  • Tea Tree
  • Thyme


Many pets create smells in our homes. Indoor cats are often the worst offenders because they have to use litter boxes. Of course, not all cats smell bad!

Certain essential oils are thought to be safer than others if you have pets but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Avoid those that are thought to be harmful to cats if you prefer to and stick to using those said to be safe.

Diffusing is the safest way to use essential oils around cats and as Lampe Berger fragrances are so dilute they pose the lowest risk possible.

If you notice your pet doesn’t look comfortable or leaves the room when you diffuse any Lampe Berger fragrance, try diluting the fragrance with So Neutral or enticing your pet from the room for 20 minutes while you treat the area.

Once you’ve experienced the success of removing odors from your home using Lampe Berger, I’m sure you’ll be a fan for life. Nothing beats it when it comes to freshening the air.

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