How Many Bottles of Cologne Should a Man Have?

Men’s fragrance is usually in the form of Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette. Cologne is the cheaper of the two as it’s not so concentrated. If you like to have several colognes for various occasions you might wonder if there’s an ideal number to own.

How many bottles of cologne should a man have? A man should have at least one bottle of cologne. Many guys own at least two and there’s no law against having multiple bottles of fragrance! An opened cologne usually keeps for at least 2 years, so a man can have several bottles in use at the same time.

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Reasons why some men own just one bottle of cologne

1. It’s their signature scent

Some men own just one bottle of cologne and will use nothing else. They think of it as their signature scent. It defines them and they know it’s the one everyone associates with them.

It’s the one that everyone buys them at Christmas and birthdays making it hard to ever swap to another fragrance. They often have the shower gel, aftershave balm and deodorant to match.

When a man just one bottle of cologne it is usually very carefully chosen and often quite expensive. It is one that suits day and night use and works well in any season.

2. They can’t be bothered to choose more than one

‘One bottle of cologne guys’ stick with the fragrance they think suits them and can’t be bothered to choose another. It is often the one bought by their mother, spouse or partner. They’re quite happy with it and can’t see the point of having more than one bottle.

3. Financial restraints

Cologne is quite expensive and so having one bottle is the limit for some men. On average, a 100 ml bottle lasts about 6 months if applied twice daily and up to 2 years if not used so often.

Reasons why some men own multiple bottles of cologne

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1. Daytime use

Men who own several different colognes often have one that they only use in the daytime. It’s usually quite light and fresh and often not the most expensive one in their collection.

3. Evening use

Many men like to have a second bottle of cologne in reserve for evenings out. This one is usually stronger and more expensive than their daytime fragrance.

3. Seasonal colognes

Men who truly understand colognes know it’s good to choose them to match the season.

Hot weather intensifies our sense of smell whilst cold weather dulls it. Therefore it makes sense to use less intense fragrances in the summer and stronger ones in the winter. There are some great examples further down.

4. Unable to resist a new one

Some men are just addicted to buying colognes. They like the smell and just have to buy it – which is fine if you can afford it.

5. Fragrance bought as a gift

Sometimes men own several bottles of cologne because they have been bought for them as gifts. The problem with choosing a cologne for someone else is you pick the one you like the smell of, not necessarily one the man it’s intended for would choose.

It’s difficult to choose a new fragrance for someone else to wear as everyone has completely different tastes. Scent can smell different on different people so it’s a bit of a risk to take.

6. They love collecting fragrances

Cologne can be quite addictive and with hundreds to choose from it’s no wonder men who love fragrances end up with many bottles of the stuff.

Keeping multiple fragrances fresh

If you own several bottles of cologne, the way you store them is key to keeping them smelling good for as long as possible.


  • Keep caps on spray bottles.
  • Screw the lids on tight on the bottles with screw tops.
  • Keep them in the cardboard boxes they came in or in a dark place.
  • Store them at a constant cool temperature.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight.


  • Keep them in a very cold fridge.
  • Freeze them.
  • Keep them on a window ledge.
  • Place them near a heater or radiator.
  • Store them in the bathroom.

How to build the perfect cologne collection for every occasion

At Work

If you work in an office, choose a lighter cologne that won’t overpower the person at the other end of the room and leave them with a headache.

You may not be the boss but you can include Hugo Boss Bottled in your cologne collection. It’s the perfect workday fragrance and will last all day long without projecting itself into your colleague’s nostrils.

The apple, cinnamon, vanilla, and sandalwood notes are an impressive yet laid-back combination.

Image of Hugo Boss Bottled

Not at work

This is the time to wear something without worrying about offending people you work with.

Versace Eau Fraiche is a popular, timeless fragrance that’s a must-have for any cologne lover’s collection. It combines cedar, amber, and lemon to give a quirky fragrance.

Image of Versace Eau Fraiche

Date night

When you want to make an everlasting impression, you need just the right fragrance – one that your date won’t forget for the right reasons.

For this, I have to recommend Creed Aventus. I fell in love with it last weekend after sampling it in a department store. It is a little on the expensive side (this article explains why Creed fragrance is so expensive) but it really lasts on your skin and in your memory.

Buy this from the Creed Official Online Store or another reputable store.

Image of Creed Aventus


Colognes with stronger scents are the ultimate choice for clubbing no matter what season it is. You want to stand out from the crowd, after all.

Calvin Klein’s Obsession is a must in any self-respecting man’s fragrance collection. With its fiery and unforgettable aroma, you’ll definitely make a memorable impression.

Image of Obsession by Kalvin Klein


Spring calls for fragrances with a medium to lower projection and fresh, floral notes. There are many that fit this description. If you haven’t tested Dior Sauvage, I recommend you try it out as it is perfect for this time of year. It features pepper, mint, patchouli, and ambergris – you have to smell it to appreciate what I mean.

Image of Dior Sauvage


Fresh, zesty yet subtle fragrances are great for summer when our noses are extra sensitive to scents.

One of my all-time favorites is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. It contains a combination of citrus fruits, jasmine, bergamot, and neroli which make it a fabulous daytime summer fragrance that also works in the evening.


As the temperatures begin to drop, you can start to wear those fragrances that have a stronger scent projection again.

If you haven’t come across Spice bomb by Viktor & Rolf, try it out! It has an irresistible oriental wood and spice aroma – perfect in the cooler Fall season.

Image of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf


In the winter when our noses are less sensitive, stronger scents can take center stage. Think evening by the fireside and rollneck sweaters. An unforgettable fragrance that goes hand in hand with colder weather is Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

Its notes include grapefruit, orange, mint, rose, cinnamon, patchouli, and amber. Once you’ve experienced this aroma you’ll never forget it and you’ll definitely want to wear it.

Image of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

The optimum number of colognes a man should own

As colognes can be quite expensive, you might want to know the optimum amount to own so that they don’t go bad before you use them up.

Here comes some math – don’t worry, it’s not too complicated:

  • 100 ml of fragrance holds approximately 1400 sprays.
  • If you use 5 sprays per day, 100 ml will last 280 days.
  • On average opened cologne stays for 2 to 3 years.

Using the above information, if you buy three different 100 ml bottles of fragrance, you will have a total of 4200 sprays – enough to last 840 days or about 2 years and 4 months.

Ok, so it seems if he doesn’t want to risk wasting any, a man should only own 3 bottles of cologne at any one time. That would be impossible for many people and would really limit their enjoyment of the many fragrances out there to experience.

What’s the alternative? Own more and waste it or try to purchase 50 ml bottles which would mean you could own six!

Whatever you decide, enjoy your cologne and don’t feel guilty if you waste a little!

Further information

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