15 Best Fragrances for Teenage Guys in 2023

It’s an exciting time for guys when they first discover that they have so many different fragrances at their disposal. I’m not talking about a few dozen or so here – I’m talking about hundreds and hundreds of different fragrances that they have to choose from!

When you’re looking for the best cologne for young men it’s very easy to make the wrong choice – especially if you have no experience in the subject matter! It’s easy to end up with the wrong one and for the scent to either be overpowering or to just not suit the age of the individual wearing it. Also, some of these fragrances can cost an absolute fortune!

Guys use cologne to enhance their appearance. It’s like buying a nice, new crisp shirt or wearing some clean, expensive-looking sneakers. Not only does it make them look good but it makes them feel good too.

A decent fragrance in a teenage guy will not only enhance their presence in front of those they are trying to impress but it usually increases their confidence! If the wearer knows that they look and smell good, it will show in the way they walk, the way they talk and how they are perceived by others.

To help you understand some of the terminology (it’s not hard):

  • Top Notes – this is what you smell when you first apply the fragrance. These are sometimes known as ‘head notes’ and will consist of the strongest, freshest scents.
  • Middle Notes – also referred to as ‘heart notes’ – these are usually scents that are more rounded than the top notes and usually replace the top notes after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Base Notes – this is what’s left once the heart note dissipates. It is common not to be aware of the base notes until around 30 minutes after applying the fragrance.

Allow us to take the effort away from you. Don’t make the same mistake that so many do and choose the wrong fragrance. Here are our top 15 fragrances for young men. We have our favorites, of course – but let me asure you – you won’t go wrong with any of these!

15) Chesapeake Bay Spyce Cologne

A refreshing cologne that I think suits daily application during the spring or summer months. Chesapeake has a nice, subtle smell that doesn’t suffer from the somewhat sickly smell you can often get from other colognes. It’s not overpowering and will accentuate rather than dominate your appearance.

Although Chesapeake Bay Spyce Cologne is not usually associated with the younger user I really don’t think this should be the case. To me, it adds a sophisticated maturity to the user and shouldn’t be ruled out.

It’s a bit spicy, it’s very manly – what else could a teenager ask for in 2020?

14) Sauvage – Christian Dior

A relatively new scent (established in 2015) but one that has taken off big time is Sauvage, by Christian Dior. Although there is an aromatic fragrance, this has been a favorite for teen guys for some time.

Initially, you will be greeted with a whiff of pepper and bergamot and further musky notes. This is quickly followed up with lavender, geranium (hence the floral scents) and more pepper. Eventually, you are left with cedar notes that linger. I’d say that this scent lends itself more to the Spring/Summer due to its crispness but is a great fragrance to really pick yourself up if you’re feeling low during those long, dark winter days.

Another reason why guys like Sauvage so much is that it lasts for so long. No, it may not be the cheapest cologne available (check on the price by clicking the link below) but with this, you’re certainly getting what you pay for!

13) Adidas Moves

Another positively masculine fragrance for the teenage guy is Adidas Moves. What I liked about this was that it offers you something different from a lot of the rest. More floral than others but somehow it keeps its masculinity.

Definite notes of ginger ale, cedarwood geranium and other woody scents greet your nose in a very nice and certainly not overpowering manner. I would suggest that you would need to apply more regularly than some and it is unlikely that the lovely smell would last a full day.

An interesting option this from Adidas. You typically associate them with all things sporty but this scent goes to show they can offer more than just that.

12) Polo Blue – Ralph Lauren

It just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include a list of great colognes for guys without including something from Polo. But I certainly wouldn’t if it wasn’t deserved and I think this one most certainly is!

Polo Blue is a crisp, fresh cologne and is certainly not a shrinking violet. It is not subtle but if you can deal with a strong scent (at least initially) then this could be the one for you. Don’t get confused between strong and overpowering though! Polo Blue is by no means sickly and soon after application, it will settle down nicely.

You shouldn’t have to carry it around with you also as Polo Blue can last most of the day. A happy fragrance for the teenager who doesn’t want to have to keep applying every few hours!

11) Nautica Classic

Nautica Classic fragrance is both relatively cheap and very popular, for a very good reason. This particular variety has been around for about 30 years now and this should tell you a lot. Many fragrances are like music, a track popular in their day but listen to the same track 10 years later and it makes you wonder why anyone bought it!

This isn’t the case with Nautica though. Its subtle musky fragrances are refreshing but certainly not overpowering. To the distinguished nose, you will find hints of lemon, sage and lavender.

Nautica Classic is indeed just that, a classic fragrance that just doesn’t seem to get boring. Its scent will last a long time on you and is ideal for a daily-use fragrance on teenage guys.

10) Davidoff Cool Water

For those teenagers who like something a little different, Davidoff may the one for you. A fragrance more suited for daytime use than evening, this is a cologne that has a crisp, sharp and fresh smell.

You’ll initially be struck with a minty, musky smell with tones of lavender and amber. This gives us a warmly, masculine smell that sets itself apart from other scents. It also won’t cost you a fortune so you definitely won’t have to worry about how many times you’re applying.

Davidoff Cool Water is these days a classic and the sheer number of positive reviews (click on the link below to see what I mean) will tell you everything you need to know about this very popular cologne.

9) Versace Man Eau Fraiche

You might expect a product from Versace to cost you a small fortune and usually, you might be right. Versace’s Man Eau Fraiche may just be an exception though.

A vastly distinctive aroma to other fragrances, this cologne is surprisingly fresh. You are hit initially with Carambola (a fruit you may not have heard of) but this clashes (somewhat pleasantly) with rosewood and lemon. Then, notes of cedar leaves escalate alongside tarragon and sage. Finally, you are finished off with sycamore wood, amber and musk.

As you can probably gather from the above scents, this is a masculine fragrance and doesn’t try and be anything else.

8) Acqua Di Gio (Georgio Armani)

A long-time favorite of mine, Acqua Di Gio has earned its place high up on this list. So many fragrances blend into each other it’s difficult to distinguish them. A few have a distinctive scent and these are the ones that traditionally do well – Acqua Di Gio is one of these.

The scent is crisp and has an immediate hint of wood with marine after-notes. I don’t quite know how they do this but it’s definitely identifiable. You will also be able to identify various citrus notes including orange, bergamot and lemon.

This is one of those scents that is hard to dislike. It’s just a really good cologne so if you’re thinking of buying someone a fragrance and you’re not quite sure what they will like – this is a good choice!

7) Armani Code (Giorgio Armani)

With some scents, you can definitely describe them as being either for a man or woman – not so much with Armani Code though. For those guys that want a more masculine scent, this could be the one for you.

I’d definitely recommend this as a daily scent rather than for special occasions and when you apply it you’ll be rewarded with a woody smell with lemon, Bergamot and Olive.

Armani Code is a great fragrance for men that don’t want their scent to dominate the room. It’s subtle and certainly not overpowering. I think it’s this that I like – it doesn’t shout at everyone ‘Look at me!’ – it does the job but in its own, very special, way.

6) Calvin Klein One

The classic CKOne – it wouldn’t be right for me to leave this one out and is another favorite of mine. It’s popular, it’s not expensive and it is loved by guys and girls alike.

The smell of CKOne is distinctive and these days is very recognizable. With the base notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood combined with after notes of further amber and musk ensure that this fragrance provides a warming, confident glow to any that are fortunate to wear it.

You may also pick out some orange, pineapple and cardamom. How they discover that the combination of all these different scents works so well together is anyone’s guess but they’ve definitely stumbled on the magic formula with this one!

A longer-lasting scent than many others, you will not usually need to top-up during the day with CK One and if you’re just using it for the evening you’ll definitely be just fine.

5) Explorer Men’s Solid Cologne

This is for those of you who like to just be a little different. Not only does it have a unique scent – it looks different also. You don’t spray it on, you just open the tin and apply with a finger when required to the neck area (or elsewhere). It’s also a lot easier to carry around than your regular glass bottle of cologne!

The fragrance itself doesn’t let the aesthetics down. Definitely another masculine scent which includes bergamot (which produces a citrus-type smell), jasmine and grapefruit. Some have also found hints of peppermint but I wasn’t able to find this.

You do pay a little more for this than you might with other fragrances but at least in this case, I think you get what you pay for.

4) Tommy (Tommy Hilfiger)

Tommy, by Tommy Hilfiger, is one of those well known cologne’s that people expect to have a modern, crisp fragrances that seem to be all the rage these days. These people would not be disappointed and this cologne really delivers what many expect.

The first spray gives you some lovely lavender, mint, lemon and bergamot top notes before hitting you with an unexpected cranberry heart. This is complemented with some cheerful rose and apple scents. Finally, you get the amber and cotton base notes that linger for some time.

This is a very good quality cologne that can be found at a very reasonable price and can be used daily. It’s a classic that’s been around for a fair few years now but unlike some, has aged very well.

3) Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

A firm favorite amongst teenage guys is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. Not only does it provide when it comes to what it’s designed to do (smell great) but it’s also got a great label behind it too.

Light Blue can be described as spicy and vibrant. Citrus notes, with the help of bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit and juniper will hit your nose initially. These are followed shortly after with a woody scent that is made by using rosemary, pepper and wood. Some traditional base notes of musk and oakmoss complete the package.

Despite the great smell (and that’s why it’s so high on this list) it does need applying more often than not. This is not a scent that you can put on first thing in the morning and you’ll still be getting compliments in the evening. Because of this, I would suggest that Light Blue is best used for evenings out!

2) David Beckham Homme

With a cologne that has a name after a former (very talented) professional soccer player, you can be pretty sure who the target audience is – teenage males. It doesn’t disappoint.

The first spray will hit you with strong notes of pepper and grapefruit. After, a wave of wood and leather come together perfectly along with some undertones of musk.

David Beckham’s Homme is a unique cologne that fits this target audience perfectly. If I’m forced to find something negative to say then it would be that I wish it would have lasted a little longer. This means that it might be best suited for evening use as opposed to daytime use – which isn’t exactly a bad thing. This is a special cologne and should be kept for special occasions!

1) Jimmy Choo

My recommended cologne for teenage guys is Jimmy Choo. This has been described as a modern scent. I didn’t understand quite what this meant – until I first smelt it and then you realize. It’s fresh, aromatic and woody initially which is followed by lavender notes and followed by a fruity smell, not dissimilar to melon.

Eventually, you are left with a woody smell with hints of suede – definitely a masculine scent and due to its freshness, very well set for a teenage guy.

Oddly, with such a distinctive, vibrant smell, you still can’t describe it as overpowering. Another thing you will notice is how long the scent lasts. You will find yourself getting compliments for how good you smell 12 hours after application!


At the end of the day, we’re all different and life would be boring if we all liked the same things. There are literally hundreds of fragrances out there but many just aren’t suited for the typical teenage guy.

In 2020, most guys want something a little different from what they wanted only a few short years ago and I think I’ve reflected that in my list above. I don’t believe you could go wrong with any of these fragrances personally – they are all excellent.

I just hope I’ve helped in a small way to make the decision-making process a little easier!

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